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Car races in middle east

WOW...Just amazing!!!

dodong flores

Where are John Safran's cameramen documenting his would-be crucifixion?


Tu nous tiens en haleine!


On se rapproche tout doucettement de la fin de l'histoire ... ;-)


Oh Ok. I thought there wasn't much crowd but I can see they have a few followers. Still amazed at how relaxed everyone seems to be!

The Islander

thanks for dropping by my page and appreciating my hometown.

what a heart-wrenching blog you got here. it seems everyday is holy here. hehe


i agree that you know how to build the tension. it's hard to look away.


both of these images are really great - again i like that we see the context - the street, the assistants, the people following along.


I wonder what's going through their head at the time. John looks rather worried.


You make me wanna come visit!


a really awesome documentary sydney of a Filipino tradition and the Caucasian twist is much welcome.


I agree with Petra, lol :-)

I was just thinking about the pictures being in colour - it makes the experience so much more immediate and immersive for us as spectators ... well, for me (as opposed to the distance (historical and objective) which b/w brings).


Great job documenting this event!


Having fun all the way.

Gérard Méry

Je n'ai encore pas vu les clous et le marteau...çà vient après ?


you sure know how to build tension, I can't wait to see tomorrow's pics

Otto K.

are they being pulled by the cords attached to them? cool shots, Sidney.


must have been so much hard work following them around and taking these documentary photos. well done!

luna miranda

Safran was probably thinking how hot his wig and robe were.:D and he was daydreaming of a cool shower.:D


.... et la "fête" continue au nom de Dieu.

Photo Cache

I wonder what goes through their mind during this time.

fortuitous faery

John looks really psyched.

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